Maren Morris – An Honest Review of the Album “GIRL”

Hey friends. Happy almost-summer!

I’ve reached the point where, despite the fact that I only have four days of school left (three days this week and then one next week), I honestly just do not care how much school I have left. It’s become a monotonous rhythm since I got past the point of “four more weeks! Three more weeks!”

On the bright side, I’m beginning to pack for our trip to Europe! *checks sidebar* Only 14 days to go!” Wait . . . that’s two weeks . . . 😣 I have a lot to do.

Anyway, today’s post is about Maren Morris and her new album, “GIRL.”

To be honest, I didn’t even know who Maren Morris was until I started to listen to country music again. And that’s when I realized that this is the same girl who sang “The Middle” with Zedd and Grey. But once I started listening to her album, I decided I liked her own country music much more. In fact, I’m listening to it as I write this.

So. Is “GIRL” really worth listening to?

Note: This review is a brief overview of Maren Morris’ album, and does not include every song. Always ask your parents before listening to new music. This review is for mature people, and may include the topics of drinking/doing drugs/profanity/sexual relationships in reference to song lyrics.

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First off, let’s look at the album cover. A bit risqué, yes. But since we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, let’s take a peek at the songs.

The album is named for Maren’s song, “GIRL.”

Girl, won’t you stop your cryin’?
I know that you’re tryin’
Everything’s gonna be okay
Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low
Don’t you lose your halo
Everyone’s gonna be okay
Baby girl

This song is about the struggles that girls go through in life, so the message is very positive. However, the song does include the word s*** in the first line, and Apple Music does not offer a clean version.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I have not listened to every song in this album, after listening to the first few lines of some, I decided the song was too “boring” and skipped to the next one. And I didn’t even try to listen to the one titled “Make Out With Me.”

While we’re still on the topic of the negative side of the album, let’s discuss “All My Favorite People,” featuring Brothers Osborne. The song is about letting loose with your friends and has a few lines about drinking/doing drugs while others do not understand why you are doing those things. While the song has a very catchy beat, it may not send the best message.

Not everybody drinks on a Tuesday night
Mixes their liquor with Crystal Light
With a couple of friends they called out of the blue
And not everybody spends what they made that week
On a tank of gas and a little bit of weed
But all my favorite people do

And to wrap up the cons of “GIRL,” I would like to mention the song “RSVP.” This song includes probably the most suggestive lyrics in the entire album, as it is basically about sleeping with a guy.

Don’t tell me that you got better plans
For those velvet hands, they’re in demand
Don’t tell me that you’re not a little curious
Don’t be so serious, it can be only us 

(And those aren’t even the worst lyrics.)

And now, onto the better songs in this album!

My personal favorite is “Bones.” The song is about building a great relationship with someone you love, and how, if you work on the core structure, you can weather all storms with someone by your side to support you. The song has a beautiful tune describes a very pure relationship. Pretty different from “RSVP,” huh?

When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter
Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter
Let it rain ’cause you and I remain the same
When there ain’t a crack in the foundation
Baby, I know any storm we’re facing
Will blow right over while we stay put
The house don’t fall when the bones are good

My other favorite is “A Song for Everything.” It’s kind of sentimental and reminds you of all the times in your life that you went through, both good and bad.

One danced you through love
One rocked you through lonely
Mixtaped your heartbreak and made you feel holy
For the hits and the misses
For the fire and rain
Close your eyes and listen
‘Cause there’s a song for everything, yeah
There’s a song for everything

Most of the songs in the album are about love – “Gold Love,” “To Hell & Back,” “Great Ones,” etc., as country music tends to reflect that topic. Overall, I love Maren’s music (not all of it, obviously!), but I definitely think it’s better for 13+. Of course, that’s just my opinion, and you should definitely research further (preferably, with your parents), before listening.

Have a great week, everybody!

What do you think of Maren Morris? Do you like her new album? Do y’all like country music?

–  Morgan

How I’m Staying Sane the Last Three Weeks of School

Guysssssssss it is that time of year!

Three. More. Weeks.

Or more like 5-6 if you live in the Lower 48. But since I don’t, I am literally so close to the end of the school year and I can. Not. Wait.

In case you don’t already know this, I go part-time to a public school here so I am surrounded by a ton of other kids who are also just as ready to get the school year over with. Meaning, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. So here is how I’m staying sane (or trying to stay sane) the last few weeks of school!

#1: Not thinking about all the fun stuff I’m doing this summer.

So this one has been really, really hard, since I’m leaving for Europe in FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS. But thinking about stuff like that makes it even harder to continue the monotony of going to school. Instead, replace those thoughts with things you have at school to look forward to each week – for example, we’re having a party in my American Sign Language class this week! This keeps me going because school has been getting quite boring recently. 😂

#2: Spending time outside. 

For those of you who don’t live in Alaska, you may not realize that Alaska gets very little sun six months out of the year. So by April-ish, we’re getting a lot more – and that makes it extremely difficult to go to bed on time. But when I spend time after school outside, it boosts my energy and gives me more motivation to finish homework.

#3: Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Okay so this year has been kind of the year I started drinking a lot of coffee. (Like way more than I should be.) I don’t recommend doing this unless your parents let you drink coffee, but if they do, having a cup a couple times a week will keep you from getting burned out.

#4: Being patient with the kids at school.

This is a little challenging as some of my friends have not been having a very easy time at school this last quarter, but I try to be kind when everyone just wants to complain (myself included).

#5: Getting enough sleep!

Sleep is sooooooo important, guys! This rule applies year-round, but especially now more than ever. Sleep is as important as going outside – you’ll actually have some energy to do homework.

#6: Keeping a mindset that these last three weeks are just like any other.

When you continue to think “Three more weeks until school’s out, three more weeks until school’s out!” time will continue to pass at a glacial speed. But when I “pretend” that  we’re still in December or January, the days suddenly feel like they’re going back faster (I am a master at mind tricks, friends!)

And that’s all my tips! If you have some more, please comment below (I can use all the help I can get . . .)

And one more thing – I will be starting to write packing posts very soon! Stay tuned for those, and have a great weekend!

And by the way, WP won’t let me upload a profile picture . . . is anyone else having this problem??

Your friend,



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