About SS&SS

Swingsets & Snapshots.

Where on earth did I come up with that name, you ask?

Swingsets – this stems from my love of swingsets. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved swinging, and as I’ve gotten older it hasn’t really changed. When I need a break, I just go swing. It’s my happy place, you could say!

Snapshots – I like photography. It’s that simple. 🙂

What types of posts you’ll find on my blog:

  • Reading (book reviews, book hauls)
  • Writing (writing tips, my own writing, book ideas)
  • Photography (pictures from Alaska/my travels)
  • Travel (I have several upcoming trips, which I am VERY excited for)
  • Alaska (I live here, so . . .)
  • Animals (I have four dogs, a rabbit, and a flock of chickens)
  • Cooking (maybe. I tend to burn things quite often)