Answering YOUR Questions About Alaska! | Response Time!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! I’m excited for y’all to get to learn more about my beautiful state. (All pictures are my own.) 🙂

Do you prefer summer or winter? Winter is my favorite, because I love cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snow! But our summers are absolutely gorgeous here as well.

Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska

How hot does it get in Alaska? It really depends on the year, but we had a crazy summer this year and our temps were 20-30 degrees above average. I think the hottest it got was 95 degrees fahreneheit.

If you had to move to a different state, which one would you chose? So I have actually lived in southern California and I absolutely love it there. However, as soon as I finish a year of college in Alaska, I’m planning on moving to Minnesota or Colorado.

Ceremonial start of the Iditarod, Anchorage, Alaska, 2017

What are some foods Alaska is famous for? Alaska is famous for everything related to seafood – that’s Alaskan King Crab and salmon, plus moose and caribou meat. We also love Native Alaskan food as well!

Lost Lake Trail, Seward, Alaska

What’s the weather like in the spring and summer? The spring is “Breakup Season,” which all states with snow have. It gets very slushy and rainy. Summers are also rainy and never get super warm. They are absolutely beautiful, however. Contrary to popular opinion, it is NOT always winter here!

Fireweed in Homer, Alaska, early August

What’s the coldest temp you’ve experienced? Around -20 Fahreneheit or so. Pretty chilly!

Victory Bible Camp, Sutton, Alaska in October 2019

What’s it like to have it dark/light most of the time, depending on the season? Very different experiences – when it’s dark in the winter, a lot of Alaskans have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s weird that it gets dark around 3:30 PM. In the summer, I love the light! Being outside in the warm at midnight is so amazing.

Rabbit Lake, Anchorage, Alaska

Biggest fear living in Alaska? I don’t have any really bad fears living here, fortunately. We don’t have poisonous spiders, which are my worst fear. Sometimes, when I read about bear maulings in the news, I get freaked out, but I just have to travel in a group, make a lot of noise, and carry bear spray. Also, I hate sliding around on the ice in the winter, but I just got my snow tires on my car today so hopefully I won’t get into any accidents this winter!

Nikiski, Alaska

Favorite thing about living in Alaska? I have the great outdoors so, so CLOSE to my house! Seriously, just a five minute drive and I can have miles and miles of skiing, biking, and hiking trails right there! Out of all 50 states, we have the lowest population density AND the greatest acreage of wilderness area, which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Port of Homer, Alaska

Does it snow all the time in Alaska? Haha, no it does not. (It’s snowing right now, though!) It snows from late October at the earliest to mid-March at the latest (where I live, though AK is very spread out) although I remember one year we had a massive snowstorm in April. That’s super rare, though.

Sutton, Alaska

What are some unique cultural aspects of Alaska? Great question! Alaska’s culture is very unique from other states. We have a lot of Native Alaskan culture here, which includes traditional Native clothing and Native subsistence methods (fishing, hunting, etc), just to name a couple. Alaskans are very used to being “different” from the rest of the US, and we pride ourselves on our determination and “traditional Alaskan grit.” We like to be tough and work together to get throught the long, frigid winters. Alaskans are also known for being very friendly and cooperative. We really do love our neighbors. In Alaska, you can find a lot of dog mushing, gold panning, traditional basket weaving and animal bone carving, and Alaskan spirit!

Flightseeing over Anchorage, Alaska

What kinds of clothes do you wear in Alaska? I love this question! I’ll be very honest – Alaskans are known for not being super fashionable people. I mean, here in AK we truly prefer function over fashion. Shipping is crazy expensive, so we like wearing clothes we bought at Costco. A couple very Alaskan kinds of clothes are XTRATUF boots and parkas, but we also love wearing name brands, such as Arc’teryx, Patagonia, North Face, Eddie Bauer, etc. Alaska also has SO MANY unique Alaskan brands, such as AK Starfish Co., Alaska Chicks Co., and Happy AK. What we lack in fashion, we make up in durable, warm, and ridiculously expensive nice winter gear, haha!

Denali (AKA Mt. McKinley), Fairbanks, Alaska

You truly have to come to Alaska to get the full experience. And as always, if you’re planning on coming up, please visit me! I’m pretty far from most of y’all. 😉

If you have more questions, drop them below!


Morgan 🙂

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    1. Well, I can’t speak for all of AK, but my part isn’t too bad! And yes, I would love to live on the East coast where they have four “real” seasons – here we just have winter and three very rainy versions of spring, summer, and fall. I used to live in southern CA, but it’s so hot and there’s no snow!

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