Scrunchie Style Lookbook | Two-Fifty Scrunchies!

Hello my scrunchie-wearing readers!

At least, I hope you wear scrunchies. If you don’t, no judgement, but if you would like to know where to get some, look no further!

Natalie of Taking the Cake started an Etsy shop, TwoFiftyScrunchies, where she sells high-quality, functional, and stylish scrunchies. I absolutely love Natalie’s scrunchies. The colors are super vibrant and they compliment all of my clothes super well. She sent me some in exchange for a little review, and I decided to do my first lookbook featuring her scrunchies! Thanks, girl!


The point I would like to make is that these scrunchies can go with anything. My friends and I wear scrunchies year-round at school. Here’s one of Natalie’s scrunchies (from her Grape Juice scrunchie pack) paired with a tee-shirt and shorts.


Here’s one of her key lime scrunchies with my favorite black flowered romper!


And finally, another Grape Juice scrunchie paired with a fall outfit (that familiar chill is approaching, guys . . .)

If any of you are looking for some lovely scrunchies, go check out Natalie’s shop!



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