Life: July 2020

Life_ July 2020

Soooooo July happened.

Straight up though, I really do feel like all of my Life posts are blending together. I’m trying my best to make sure I post about something other than my increasingly-boring corona summer life. (IDK guys, is it boring? Should I stop doing these posts?)

– Friends

I spent a lot of time this July going on big mountain bike trips with my dad and brother and also with my guy friend D. We did a 50 kilometer (that’s 32 miles) bike trip in early July:

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
in black and white so you can’t see our faces šŸ™‚

And here’s another one where I went with my dad and brother:

Alaska: the most gorgeous place you could ever live

Hammocking is kinda like a sport here, and we did a lot of that too.

look at my tie-dye hammock ahhhhh it’s so aesthetically pleasing :))

Oh wait, here’s a picture from yet another bike trip:

hehehe D is a good photographer

Anyway, I’m going biking with D again tonight.

While we’re on the subject of friends, I had a few rough experiences with a specific friend this summer and I realized it was too unhealthy for us to continue to have a relationship and I’m no longer talking to her. If you’ve had to let go of friends recently to protect your mental health, just remember that you’re not alone! A lot of people have had to do that, unfortunately. The pandemic has caused huge divides that extend beyond our communities and states . . . they reach other states and countries. Sometimes you have to let go of people, but remember to extend grace and ask what YOU could be doing for others.

– Family

For Independence Day I cooked a huge dinner for everybody. We didn’t go to any barbecues but unfortunately a lot of other people did and we wound up with a HUGE Covid spike in Alaska. Our restrictions got a lot worse because people areĀ *cough cough*Ā having a veryyyyyy difficult time following rules. Oh yeah, my brother also had to get tested for Covid because he has some medical issues and was having a hard time breathing one day (and had low oxygen levels as well) so my mom took him to the doctor and he was tested. It took about ten days to get results back and it was negative, fortunately, but we had to quarantine better that week just in case.

– School

Ahaha, we’re back to having school be a part of my Life posts . . . school is starting in just a few weeks. Our district is going back online-only after an original plan of going three days a week. That’s kinda a bummer but I totally respect and understand why they made that decision. This school year is going to be a lot of work and I’m going to have to make a lot of big decisions and really stay on top of stuff. Even though I’m not happy about the prospect of online school, I cheered myself up by getting a cute new binder and decorated it with stickers. I also ordered my planner for the year, which I always do to stay on top of things. šŸ™‚

– Skiing

I’ve sort of neglected ski training a little bit and switched to mountain biking more frequently. Skiing was kind of stressing me out and I lacked a lot of motivation, so my decision to cut back on training was a good thing for me. I still rollerski all the time and do strength training, but biking brings me a lot of joy and I’m really glad I’m making more time for that as well.

– The good stuff

  • I made these really cool Spotify-inspired decorations for my room (tutorial coming soon, guys!)
  • My mom and I FINALLY painted my trim and y’all it literally looks soooooo good, I’m so happy with it
  • I got a drinkbelt for rollerskiing (it’s like a fanny pack for skiing) so now I can stay hydrated on long skis – I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s hard to keep up the pace when you’re dying of thirst
  • Our library opened for curbside pickup so I’ve been doing a lot of really good reading!
  • Our yard has looked so nice and we’ve had a lot of really great sunny days, like this one:
look at my handsome boy, y’all

– July favorites

What I’ve been listening to:

  • Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album
  • Gabby’s Barrett’s “Goldmine” album (review here)
  • “Send Me on My Way” by Boy Meets Girl
  • “Budapest” by George Ezra
  • “Buttercup” by Jack Stauber
  • “the 1” by Taylor Swift (did you guys even know she released an album? no one talked about it because corona-related news took over the media)
  • the “Watermelon Sugar” cover by Avenue Beat and Maddie & Tae
  • “Everywhere I’m Goin’ by Avenue Beat and Maddie & Tae

Shows I’ve been binging:

  • Brooklyn Nine-NineĀ (I finally finished it last night, all seven seasons!)
  • Atypical

Books I’ve been reading:

  • theĀ System DivineĀ series by Joanne Rendell & Jessica Brody (10/10 RECOMMEND Y’ALL)
  • Again AgainĀ by E. Lockhart
  • Brave Enough,Ā Olympic Nordic skier Jessie Diggins’ autobiography (lol I read an autobiography guys, it was really good though)
  • theĀ Glittering CourtĀ series by Richelle Mead

Haha this post was sort of short but like I said, the days really blend together. Catch you next week!

How was your July?



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