Got Assumptions? | How Much Do You Think You Know?

Salmon New Year Goals Facebook Post

This post idea literally just popped into my brain and I thought, wow, I know I just posted two days ago, but wouldn’t this be fun to do? I’ve seen this around the blogosphere (I think Mary did one too) and thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

I blog anonymously, of course, but I do talk about my personal life quite a bit (after all, this is a personal blog . . .) But the question is, based on the information you guys have gathered over the last year, what do you think you know about Morgan McCartie?

I’m genuinely very curious.

So ask away! What do you think my real name is? My age? Things I like and dislike? It can literally be anything, guys. I may not be able to give you an honest answer for privacy reasons, but you are welcome to try. 😉

I can’t wait to see what y’all think about me! I’ll post your questions and my answers later this week/early next week, depending on how quickly I get responses.



9 thoughts on “Got Assumptions? | How Much Do You Think You Know?

  1. I assume your name is…(well, that’s not fair)
    Haha, but this seems really fun!

    You want to get married within the next ten years.

    You like Star Wars, but prefer Marvel.

    Your personality type is an ESFP.

    You want to travel abroad for at least a year.

    That was fun! I hope I got some right!

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    1. I think you’re real name is possibly Christina Claire, you’re an enneagram 1, you absolutely love books and having a schedule, you’re about 17, you hate lavender, but love dogs, you really really like ur boyfriend and potentially wold like to maybe marry him once you’re in college or maybe close to graduating college, you’re favorite candy is Swedish Fish and you really really want to travel more with ur bff 😉

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  2. I don’t know if it’s really fair for me to play, since I’m your pen pal and I probably know more than most people, but here are a few:
    Your favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio
    You wear your hair down most of the time, but put it up in a ponytail for skiing and such
    You like baking

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  3. well i do know a couple lil things

    – you recently officially changed the spelling of your real name
    – you know too many languages
    – you have 2 middle names
    – you love whipped coffee
    – you and your boy are v cute together
    – you are beautiful
    – there are a lot of animals in your house like silly frogs

    love you lots my girl ❤

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