A Bit About My Europe Trip | What’s In My Suitcase | Packing Tips & Tricks |Wow This Is A Long Title

Hey guys.

(Why can’t I think of an intro . . .)

Anyway, it’s summer for me! My last day of school was Tuesday and I got A’s on all my finals. 🙂 So that’s exciting. When do you guys get out of school?

(This isn’t very exciting so I’ll move on.) 😂

I finally got around to packing my bags (or bag, rather) for our trip to Europe and I figured that maybe you guys would like to see a little bit of what I’m taking (and if you don’t, feel free to skip this post!)

First off, I’d like to start by taking y’all back in time to when I was just a young child.

Just kidding. This was only four years ago. Remember when Grace was the American Girl of the Year? Or, as someone I know calls her, “The French One?”

Yeah. That’s kind of when I became obsessed with going to France. When I pitched the idea to my parents, I was definitely not expecting them to go for it. And honestly, they kind of didn’t. Instead, my dad made a deal with me.

Our conversation went something like this:

Morgan: Hey Dad, can we go to Paris?

Dad: Um sure.

Morgan: Really?

Dad: Sure. You learn to speak French, and we can go to Paris.

Flash forward four years, and I’ve tested biliterate in French.


So now it’s time to go to Paris. But of course, when you live in Alaska and it takes absolutely forever to get there, you may as well swing by a few places outside of Paris. So we’re going to Normandy and London as well. I’ll be taking you guys along with me each day with a new post about what we did, with pictures to go along.

And that’s enough of that for now. Onto the packing!


This is what my suitcase looks like . . . really not very interesting.


This is a sample of the shirts I’m taking. The weather is supposed to be fairly warm, so most of my clothes are lightweight. I’m taking one fuzzy sweater in case we have a chilly day.


(Oops, this one’s a little blurry.)

Tip #1: Always use packing cubes!

Guysssssssss I cannot stress this enough. Packing cubes literally MAKE MORE SPACE in your suitcase! I’ve never used them before, but I tried this time around and I was super impressed. Not only will they keep things tightly together and not jumbled around in your bag, but they keep each type of clothing separated so picking out outfits will be easier each day.


Pajamas. I’m bringing two sets.



Tip #2: Always bring a swimsuit. Even if you don’t think you’ll be swimming.

I don’t know if I’ll have any use for this on our trip, but I’m taking it just in case. You never know.


Scarves are iconically French and can really dress up an outfit.


I usually only wear jeans, so that’s what I’m taking. 🙂


This is what all of the packing cubes look like full of clothes. So much neater and more organized than loose in a suitcase.


I’m taking four pairs of shoes.

Black sandals: For dressier outfits.

Flip flops: For use in showers at hotels/Airbnb’s as they are not always the most clean spaces.

Pink tennis shoes: My go-to’s.

Hiking books: In case it’s rainy in London.


(Ugh why is this is so dark.)

Tip #3: Bring a laundry bag with you! It’ll keep your dirty clothes separate.

Other things I’m bringing that are not shown:

  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Toiletry kit

There will be more on the toiletry kit later, when I publish my carry-on packing post probably tomorrow or the next day. (And you will discover the real reason I bring three toiletry bags . . .)

Au revoir for now!


5 thoughts on “A Bit About My Europe Trip | What’s In My Suitcase | Packing Tips & Tricks |Wow This Is A Long Title

  1. Yoooo you sound like a seasoned traveller. Congrats on going to Europe, that’s awesome!! Also I’m like loving the grey jeans you have lol. I need some of those XD


  2. Awesome post, Morgan! I think it’d be fun to travel. I’m actually taking French as my language elective in school (by the way, I have the Grace Thomas American Girl doll 😄). Sounds like you’re going to have a fun time!


  3. That’s such a cute swimsuit! (you just wrote a whole post on how you’re going to Europe and I get excited about your swimsuit, lol, what is my problem?). I’m hoping to take French in high school, since I already know a good amount just by taking ballet 🙂


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