How I’m Staying Sane the Last Three Weeks of School

Guysssssssss it is that time of year!

Three. More. Weeks.

Or more like 5-6 if you live in the Lower 48. But since I don’t, I am literally so close to the end of the school year and I can. Not. Wait.

In case you don’t already know this, I go part-time to a public school here so I am surrounded by a ton of other kids who are also just as ready to get the school year over with. Meaning, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. So here is how I’m staying sane (or trying to stay sane) the last few weeks of school!

#1: Not thinking about all the fun stuff I’m doing this summer.

So this one has been really, really hard, since I’m leaving for Europe in FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS. But thinking about stuff like that makes it even harder to continue the monotony of going to school. Instead, replace those thoughts with things you have at school to look forward to each week – for example, we’re having a party in my American Sign Language class this week! This keeps me going because school has been getting quite boring recently. 😂

#2: Spending time outside. 

For those of you who don’t live in Alaska, you may not realize that Alaska gets very little sun six months out of the year. So by April-ish, we’re getting a lot more – and that makes it extremely difficult to go to bed on time. But when I spend time after school outside, it boosts my energy and gives me more motivation to finish homework.

#3: Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Okay so this year has been kind of the year I started drinking a lot of coffee. (Like way more than I should be.) I don’t recommend doing this unless your parents let you drink coffee, but if they do, having a cup a couple times a week will keep you from getting burned out.

#4: Being patient with the kids at school.

This is a little challenging as some of my friends have not been having a very easy time at school this last quarter, but I try to be kind when everyone just wants to complain (myself included).

#5: Getting enough sleep!

Sleep is sooooooo important, guys! This rule applies year-round, but especially now more than ever. Sleep is as important as going outside – you’ll actually have some energy to do homework.

#6: Keeping a mindset that these last three weeks are just like any other.

When you continue to think “Three more weeks until school’s out, three more weeks until school’s out!” time will continue to pass at a glacial speed. But when I “pretend” that  we’re still in December or January, the days suddenly feel like they’re going back faster (I am a master at mind tricks, friends!)

And that’s all my tips! If you have some more, please comment below (I can use all the help I can get . . .)

And one more thing – I will be starting to write packing posts very soon! Stay tuned for those, and have a great weekend!

And by the way, WP won’t let me upload a profile picture . . . is anyone else having this problem??

Your friend,



4 thoughts on “How I’m Staying Sane the Last Three Weeks of School

  1. Great tips! I’ll be ending the school year in 6 weeks! I’m very excited for summer because I have many things I want to do. 😊 — Tips: Reward yourself with something special when you do all of your homework or when you complete a final. 😄

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  2. Cute blog post, no tips to add. However, is anyone else having troubles looking at the pictures on the last doll post? I don’t mean to give you a heart attack, ‘Morgan’ (😜) but they aren’t showing up. It might not be the website’s galt though… my phone needs to be updated. 😆

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